February 5, 2013

The Things We Love {October & November}

Can anyone say "old news?"

Regardless of the ancient history these photos are, I had fun looking back at last fall, which feels like yesterday and an eternity ago all at the same time.

Can anyone say "I will blog more regularly. I will blog more regularly. I will blog more regularly."?


The baby's firsts are coming much quicker than the twins'. First campfire, first hotel stay, first hike etc - all before 3 months old. We loved the few campfires we had last fall. And I'm loving being about 8 pounds lighter than what I am in this photo.  Can anyone say "stubborn baby weight?"

I don't have a sister. Three sisters-in-law and 2 others that should be sisters-in-law, but no sisters of my own.  So I am so happy these girls have each other - even though I have a feeling they are gonna be quite different. Can you say "Come on! Get their eyes in focus!"

Every girl in this world should have an older brother like Jack-Hammer. I know I would given everything I had for an older brother like him. Tender, protective, and good for a smile or laugh no matter how crabby we are. Oh, and he's brilliant. I think he's like his daddy. Can you say "tender warrior?"

Our baby doesn't really sit still or cuddle very often. Often times when I just want to sit and rock her into peaceful sleeping oblivion, she does this weird twitching thing which I've come to know is her way of saying, "I just want to lay in my bed and go to sleep."  So we adore when she does allow herself to be snuggled to sleep.  Can you say "Daddy's girl?"

Watching a baby see and learn and discover new things just simply never.gets.old. I could watch her all day and then eat her for dessert.

We're loving bright eyes...


...and bushy tails.

Can you say "What color are her eyes, anyway?"

Autumn is a beautiful season. Way better than winter, not quite as good as summer, and marginally better than spring.

Shorts, sandals, jackets, and gloves. Yep. I was likely feeding the baby when these two got dressed for the day.  Can anyone say "Why are outdoor fall exposures so hard to get right?" (I am referring to how in the world to meter the light to get good color in fall photos not to the amount of exposed skin on my kids.)

I always have so much hope for our family photo ops.  Only to have those hopes dashed against sharp, jagged rocks. Stiff smiles, poor arrangement, and crappy light.  Can anyone say "She married batman?"

Traditions are so, so, so important to me. I think I'm overcompensating with traditions around here because my artistic mother was never one for adhering to consistent, reliable traditions - there was always something new to try.  Can anyone say "six weeks of holiday calories is enough for one year?"

The end.