October 16, 2012

The Things We Love {September}

Daddy and his girls on quiet Saturday mornings.

Getting out of the house a bit more - mom, 2 preschoolers, and an infant.

Chillin' in the Boppy

Little girls



And gourds!

Fall Hikes

October 4, 2012

I Miss Them

We've arrived on the other side of the initial rough patch. You know, that first six to eight weeks or so with a newborn that feels like you are a crawling through a tunnel. You do your best to soak up the rareness of each moment with that tiny little new person but everyone's reeling from the change of having a baby - you, the baby, the older kids, the husband... the dog (I'm not even being sarcastic about the dog. I'm not even being sarcastic about not being sarcastic. Which is rare for me. Dramatic females seem to be the norm around here - even in the canine world.)

Jack and Ava seem to have adjusted to a new baby in the house for the most part. But that adjustment period was not without tears, though, mostly on my part. The stress of life changing so much all of sudden was written all over their faces, and it hurt both them and me.

But then, one day, they were fine. I looked out the window to see them playing in their fence together and realized they were fine. They had fallen into a new normal quicker than I had, and even more importantly, they still had each other. They didn't need me as much anymore.


And this time the feeling that washed over me was that I missed them.

I missed the adventures we would go on.

{Brainerd, MN Spring 2012}

{Gull Lake Spring 2012}

I missed it just being the three of us.
{Maplewood State Park Fall 2011}
Even a good change can be hard. And the past has a tendency to seem more perfect than the present at times. Even when the new present is good......but harder.


Just another reminder that nothing is permanent. Another reminder to not wish anything away because one day you will miss it.