July 17, 2012

The Things We Love {July}

Oodles of green beans to process

Summer sunlight streaking into the house late into the evening

Watching the garden change every day

Buckets of produce out of the garden on a daily basis

Kids dozing off during boat rides on hot weekends

Watching "the guys" kneeboard and water ski

The sandy bottom of our favorite beach

Somehow taking it all in at 39 weeks pregnant

{photo courtesy of Jack-Hammer}
{my hair courtesy of 6 hours at the lake}
{crazy sunglasses needed to cover up pregnancy mask on upper cheeks exacerbated by sun exposure}

July 14, 2012

At 9 1/2 Months Pregnant...


Washed my husband’s work car – by hand

Re-planted 3 rows of carrots in my garden

Weeded and mulched nearly 2000 square feet of garden

Picked green beans, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, beets, and peas

Canned beets and green beans

Waddled into the hardware store and asked to purchase their best axe

Planted shrubs

Gone boating

Cleaned the same portions of my house “for the last time before the baby comes,” like, 47 times

Gotten my second ever pedicure

All during the hottest summer since 2007.

And there’s still no indication that this baby is gonna be born soon.