September 28, 2012

The Games We Play

You stick out your tongue.

I'll stick out mine.

Because it is so funny!

Do it again! Do it again...

September 26, 2012

The Things We Love {August}

I don't really remember August....

but these photos remind me we really did experience the last month of summer to some degree.

And here's what I love ~

Canning peaches (with help from mom). (Also loving the canning my mother-in-law did for me - green beans and tomatoes. Such a blessing.)

 {ugh. Floating fruit is not a sign of an excellent canner. I cannot seem to rememdy this.}

Giant baby yawns

Fun at the County Fair

Playing with baby dolls



Silly Faces

The end of long, challenging work weeks - Daddy comforting baby or baby comforting Daddy?

A sleeping baby

And now apparently September is almost over, too?

September 25, 2012

I've Lost My Voice

Because someone said she would blog if I blogged and because my competitive nature can't turn down an offer like that and because I really should at least choke out one post in September......

The only problem is I've got so much to say but no good way to say it.

I'm not a musician but I've been told that all musicians look for that "new sound," something that sets them apart and makes them unique. I think bloggers, too, strive for individuality amidst a slough of a ba-jillion other bloggers, and I think we do so through our voice, our writing style. If you look at some of the most popular blogs, you will find a certain voice that sets them apart, even if that blog is devoted to photography or food, and that voice usually balances some quirky use of grammar that breaks all the rules yet still works, with a very identifiable use of words.

I think I had found my own blogging voice there for awhile, not that I am striving to have a popular blog or anything. But I wasn't bored by my own stories, and my own personal way of breaking grammar rules led to writing discoveries about myself that diagram-able sentences wouldn't have.

But then along came a pregnancy and Pollyanna, and I lost my voice. I just couldn't make the words come out in the same way. And now that the baby has been born and we are well on our way to being almost fully adjusted to life with a new little person around here, I still haven't found my voice back. I've got one huge saga post in the works and a few others I'm trying to put together, but they all sound flat and lifeless. The sentences are too perfect and my own personal flavor of word usage is no where to be found. Even I can't stand reading those posts.

If I ever do get my voice back, it will be just as momentous as the day you zip up and close the button on your pre-pregnancy jeans after having a baby. Which, for the record, happened today. They were my most forgiving pair of jeans, but still people. Little victories matter.